April is Sex Assault Awareness Month.  There are many ways to get involved in your community and raise awareness.  Colorado Krav Maga is really, really good at one thing…Self Defense.  So we are taking action on the front lines, where it’s personal.

Our goal is to train as many women in Colorado as we can on some of the basics of self defense.  Real self defense, no theoretical magic fluff here.  Just straight forward self-defense.

1 out of 6 Women will be a victim of attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.  Help us change that.

Pauline B. Bart, Ph.D. and Patricia H. O’Brien of St. Xavier College says  “Women who responded to attackers with anger and rage—who yelled, screamed, tried to flee, or physically resisted—were less likely to be raped than women who froze in panic and submitted.”

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Womens Self Defense Saturday

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