Hello, and welcome to the most awesome family and community in Colorado!  We’re excited that you’ve decided to train with us, and Shannon and I personally want to thank you and welcome you.

Please watch the video FIRST and then follow the easy steps below to finish your on-boarding process.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything.  Hopefully you’ve already gotten the contact info for our front desk and Program Directors.  They’re the front line for anything you need during your training here at Colorado Krav Maga, but let me know if Shannon or I can help!

Once again, welcome and we’ll see you in class!

Sincerely, James & Shannon Hiromasa

Watch me first!

STEP 2. Grab some reference material!

Download a few things to help you reach your goals, fast!  Be sure to check out the ‘Files’ section in the Private CO Krav Maga Members Only Group on Facebook too.  If you’re not in that exclusive private group yet, click the link, ask to join, and we’ll approve you ASAP!

Download the COKM Level 1 Curriculum and Reference Outline PDF

Download the Curriculum Techniques (Outline Only) for Levels 1 through 5*

*NOTE: The curriculum gets changed/modified occasionally to meet the demands of an ever-changing threat.  This document may or may not reflect the full curriculum correctly as presently used at COKM, but will be close.

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It’s people just like YOU that make Colorado Krav Maga an awesome place to workout, train, get strong, and get safe.  And many people like you have helped it be awesome by sharing it with friends, neighbors, and family.

Honestly, advertising is expensive and frankly we’d rather PAY YOU.  Because of that, we ask you to help us find more people LIKE YOU that you think would benefit from the same results you’re getting and enjoy this as much as you do.  We won’t hound them, in fact, when you fill out this form they’ll get an email FROM YOU (see the email below)!  Please note; we want quality people like YOU so go for quality over quantity when you choose.
When your friend decides to become a full member (7 or 12 month program) at Colorado Krav Maga, after they’ve been a member for 30 days you’ll receive $75 Cash and your friend will receive a $25 cash bonus too!

You can come back to this page and refer as many people as you want to, as long as you know them!  (Please don’t spam people you don’t know 🙂 )

When you fill out this form, this email will be generated and sent to your friend, to us, and a copy to you as well all ADDRESSED FROM YOU.  This way they won’t feel like you just handed out their information!

Alternative ways to refer people are to bring them as a guest to class or simply give their name and contact info to the Program Director at your location.  However, we find that this email form is less intrusive.

Here’s how the email will read;

“Hey [Friend’s name],  not sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been training and working out at Colorado Krav Maga for a while now. (check them out

The other day while I was talking with one of the Instructors he got me to thinking about you and I thought you might want to come in and try a class some time (pretty sure you can try out a class for free).  Anyway, [Friend’s name], meet [manager], the Manager at my training center.

[Manager], meet [Friends name].  If you have any questions [manager] is awesome and can help you out.  It would be cool to see you here training here too!

Talk to you both later.”

Fill out the form and send, then refresh this page and do it as many times as you’d like to invite more people!

  • The email will be from you and this address
    When your referred friend joins our family and has been a full fledged member for 30 days, you'll receive your gift!
STEP 4. Tell the world how cool you are!


Most people want to know what other people think about a service before contacting them.  There’s a really good chance you came across and read some of our reviews and testimonials before you contacted us as well.  We’d really appreciate if you took just a minute to leave us a review on one (or more!) of the many review sites out there.

Here are some ideas to write about;

  • What did you love most about the class(es)
  • Describe how the staff or Instructor made you feel awesome, welcomed, and comfortable
  • Explain how you feel in and after class!
  • How is this going to get you to your goals


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STEP 5! Welcome, here's a bonus video lesson!

THAT’S IT!  Welcome to the Colorado Krav Maga Family!  Use your membership to it’s fullest, and be part of the community of Members because they are awesome (as are you!) and you’ll soon find that YOU are the one helping out the next newest member of the Family!

See you in class and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us for anything at all!

P.S. here’s a bonus video lesson on how to make a proper fist so you don’t injure yourself while punching!