Educators and School Safety

FACT:  Teachers and Administrators have always been, are now, and will always be the First Responders of any act of violence in our schools and colleges.

FACT:  Preservation of life should be the #1 goal.  That takes on 2 forms; mitigating or eliminating the on-going threat if one still exists, and administering aid to the injured.  Often the former must be completed before the latter can begin.

Colorado Krav Maga has been training Educators and Administrators, as well as Police and Campus Security, in the skills needed to mitigate the damages caused by violent individuals for nearly 20 years.  Our newly expanded program includes training for both armed and unarmed first responders to effectively Avoid, Barricade, or Combat (ABS’s) violent subjects in an active threat environment as well as administer basic field trauma aid.

Our team of Expert Certified professionals from Krav Maga, Law Enforcement and Rescue professions, along with a mixture of multi-media presentations and physical hands on training and scenarios, are able to deliver focused information and training to those who need it most.

In addition, now more than ever, with the added trend of arming teachers and professors in the classroom, realistic hands on training for CIVILIANS in civilian encounters is also needed.  Not military style tactics that have little or no use or value in a single responder situation.  Our experienced Police and SWAT Firearms Instructors know the difference between team tactics and a sole, frightened teacher determined to protect their children.  Our ACT (Armed Civilian Training) program has been doing just that since 2012, backed with over 20 years of real world Self-Defense and Law Enforcement experience.

With this new trend, Colorado Krav Maga and Tactical Krav Maga are proud to announce a new version of our civilian firearms training program that’s geared specifically towards School and Campus safety and safe, effective use of a firearm for defense, called the Armed Educator Training Program.  This program goes LIGHT YEARS beyond simple gun handling, but drills the most important aspects of safety combined with real world scenarios and split second decision making drills.

Armed or Unarmed, Colorado Krav Maga has the most comprehensive training available with the highest quality Expert Professional Trainers and Instructors anywhere, period and guaranteed.

To learn more about our programs and what Colorado Krav Maga can do for your School or Agency, just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Educators and Campus Safety Training Information