Watch this video it’s very disturbing.
Forget that some asshole is simply recording the whole thing, but those who try to help have no clue how. This is why we do what we do. Krav Maga Students, let me list the response options for you….
#1-shoot the guy in the head…from 2 inches away.
#2-Fire extinguisher or similar object to the face at full force, swing for the bleachers American frckin Baseball style.
#3-round kick to the face at full force.
#4-third party protection defense vs. knife attacks.
The guy is so focused on killing this lady that all attempts to interact with him are completely ignored. Bystanders appear to be afraid of the knife! His single-mindedness is insane, the only way to stop this safely is to shut him down. I don’t know if this lady survived, I hope so. But let’s look at the most difficult option listed here, third party protection defense going hands on.
In a knife attack, it’s a bad idea to tackle someone. If I even have to explain that to you then you should stop reading this blog now.
IF, and I mean IF, you have to go hands on in this scenario, you will need to control the knife hand quickly since you are putting yourself in range to be stabbed as well. Use the Krav Maga approach to defending against knife ‘brandishing’ and, from this position, a variation of hand-grenade takedown. You’ll need to be ready to deliver some serious counter attacks right away. Forget about trying to “control” the attacker, it’s way past that. Do some damage to him right away. His single mindedness should tell you right away that it’s not controllable situation.