SPRING is here!

Weather is turning a corner, finally.  It’ll soon be time to get outside in the sun!  Running and biking season is already under way,and you’ll probably see us on the trials too.  Part of our commitment to staying safe and being healthy in and out of the gym includes practicing good awareness and safety skills everywhere.  Since our family is breaking out the bicycles this month, we thought it would be a good time to remind ourselves of some safety basics, and the rules and laws in Colorado concerning bikes.

Instead of re-hashing all the bike safety tips that you hear ad nauseam, I thought I’d simply give you a link to the basics.  BUT first, how about a safety tips from a personal protection perspective!

Ambush attacks and bike theft

You are just as vulnerable to attack on a bike as you are while you’re jogging. In fact, there are quite a bike_thieffew instances of people
being knocked over from a 90-degree ambush only to be mugged or have their bike stolen.  When approaching areas with hidden spots and
particularly when no one else is around, give the obstacle a wide birth.  Same when you are approaching a group of people close to the path.  Though it may seem counter intuitive, slowing down a little is a good idea too.  A good shove while riding at 30mph+ will cause some damage to you for sure.

Head to the Light!

Lights on your ride are a must for riding at night. The downside is you can only see where your bike is pointing.  Use a headlamp as an additional light source.  You can turn it on and off as needed.  The best part of a headlamp of course is that the light follows your head, not the bikes path.  So you can easily keep an eye on all your surroundings while riding at night.  You can also carry a handheld torch that straps or Velcro’s on to your chest straps of your bag for easy access, but get good at riding 1-handed first!

When Squirrels go bad

Do you ride openbike vs ram space or wilderness trails? If so, I hope you’re carrying something to protect from wildlife too (and I don’t mean college kids on spring break).  A canister of pepper spray is a decent tool against most small to medium problem animals.  The mistake that most people make is that they keep the canister tucked away in a back our pouch.  Animal attacks can happen FAST.  Consider getting a canister ‘holster’ to mount to your bike frame or handle bars and practice accessing it a few times each time before you embark.

Bonus Tip(sy)

And here’s a bonus tip for adults.  The picture pretty much sums it up.  Call an Uber or Lyft.drink and ride

Aside from these self-defense related safety tips, here’s the basics you should always remember and go over with the kids too; http://colobikelaw.com/tips.html

And, in case you were wondering, there are (of course) many laws and rules pertaining to riding bikes here in Colorado.  Here’s another good link from the same website with some of the laws regarding bikes that may surprise you; http://colobikelaw.com/coloradolaw.html

Now get outside and have some safe healthy fun!
James & Shannon
Colorado Krav Maga