On Wednesday in Denver, two would-be robbers tried to hit Liquor store #1. The owner shot back at them with his gun. The same two then tried to hit liquor store #2 6-minutes later. That owner shot back at and hit them. This is of course fantastic news. Why do I have a problem? Because although I really enjoy Heidi Hemmats news reporting form KDVR Fox 31 in Denver, she uses the sentence “decided to take the law into his own hands” in her report in reference to the store owners. In no way, shape, or form did these business owners “take the law” into their own hands. They did not ENFORCE any law at all. The simply defended themselves, a Constitutional right. There is no law that says you can defend yourself, it’s a RIGHT. The business owners didn’t shout out “you are guilty of robbery and attempted assault with a deadly weapon and I will now take you into custody”. They didn’t play cop, they defended themselves. Let’s use the right words when reporting such incidents and maybe more people would understand their rights.