Thank you for helping us spread the joy of Krav Maga Training and sharing how awesome our community is (because of you!)

When you fill out this form, an email will be generated and sent to your friend, to us, and a copy to you as well all ADDRESSED FROM YOU.  This way they won’t feel like you just handed out their information!

Here’s how the email will read;

“Hey [Friend’s name],  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been training and working out at Colorado Krav Maga for a while now. (check them out

The other day, I was talking with one of the Instructors and he got me to thinking about you and I thought you might want to come in and try a class some time (pretty sure you can try out a class for free).  Anyway, [Friend’s name], meet [manager], the Manager at my training center.

[Manager], meet [Friends name].  If you have any questions [manager] is awesome and can help you out.  It would be cool to see you here training here too!

Talk to you both later.”

Fill out the form and send, then refresh this page and do it as many times as you’d like to invite more people!

  • The email will be from you and this address
    When your referred friend joins our family and has been a full fledged member for 30 days, you'll receive your gift!