Prepared, not Paranoid...

“We all get scared. It’s a survival response,
and an important one.

Being frightened can heighten our awareness,
quicken our response time, and deliver extra
strength and energy for the fight or flight from danger…..”


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What are people saying about Colorado Krav Maga?

Great instructors, excellent self defense training that includes high intensity workouts and provides the opportunity to learn tactical and real ways to handle any situation. So glad I joined!

Tahverlee Dunlop

We have been attending classes for a month now on a regular basis. As complete beginners, we have been made to feel right at home from day one with friendly instructors and the other participants. I leave every class with new knowledge, better skills, and dripped wet with sweat…we find the classes that fit our schedule and just show up. There are plenty of classes to choose from.
I would recommend Colorado Krav Maga to anyone.

Don Breit

A place where the instructors care about your safety and the safety of those around you. You can learn how to quickly and effectively take care of yourself and those you love. Plus it’s an amazing workout and you meet a lot of really nice people

Ian Bridge

One of Colorado Krav Maga’s motto’s is ‘fear less.’ That accurately describes how I feel after a year of consistent training with them.

Learning self-defense is one of the most successful steps I have taken towards knowing what I am capable of both mentally and physically. Colorado Krav Maga’s classes have instilled me with self-confidence, strength, knowledge, effective self-defense techniques, and the refusal to be a victim.

Kelly Watts


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